Houses hit by Meteor

Mysterious object hit three home residents in the Housing East Jakarta, on Thursday (29 / 4) suspected to be a meteor when viewed from the objects and properties that are not toxic and radioactive, and are not caught because of the small radar is most likely a meteor.

Strong suspicion that it has the properties of the meteor is a have heat to be able to melt the home furnishings made of plastics and metals. Estimated object space in high speed. According to Thomas, these tentative conclusions meteor coming from the southeast and hit the wall of the house. Then towards the back and hit the roof of the house.

Meanwhile, Team PUSLABFOR Police yesterday took several items of evidence, including jackets and curtains in those locations that intersect with these mysterious objects. The team also found the addition of dust and marks it wrinkles friction. According to the Department Head of Ballistics and Metallurgy PUSLABFOR , Pol Kombes Emery Kamal, his team found no explosives from the scene. Suspected object from outside the planet Earth

Tests have been made to ensure the object is a meteor or not. It will announce the test results laboratory. He also made sure there was no object from the house such as gas stoves, which became the source of the explosion that destroyed three houses it.

Object with whir noises at high speed. Then there is an explosion and the sound louder than a gas stove exploded.

iPad Clone Appeared in China

Clone products seems increasingly dominate the world market. Recently, China again comes with clone newest products. P88 is a similar iPad device raised by Shenzen, equipped with a slider QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. Sophisticated gadgets to sail this 10-inch is said to have carried the Intel Atom processor N450.

The difference is very noticeable from the cloning iPad it runs Windows 7 which is made by Microsoft and is a Apple rival. Apple has not confirmed whether the iPad will be launched in China, causing the growth of counterfeit devices. While some stores in China dare to accept early reservations for the iPad device and import it from countries that sell officially. Cloning devices are widely available at retailers and street markets in China. There are many mobile phone homemade imitating famous brands with some providing additional features, such as a TV tuner or a second SIM card slot.

Appear thicker and heavier than the iPad, P88 have different specifications, such as a slightly wider screen, faster processor, larger memory, and unlike the iPad, P88 has a USB port. The disadvantage when compared with the iPad is a battery life which only  1.5 hours of a iPad with 10-hour batery life.

Dual-Core Intel Atom Coming Soon

The breakthrough with the launch of Intel Dual-Core processor chip Atom. The plan of this new processor will be present next year. Paul Otellini as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Intel explains, "I think the netbook business growth from year to year will be more significant. The new thing that will come on the Atom chip, is the Dual-Core processor."

Noted earlier, the Intel Atom has a sufficient capability when running Windows XP on netbooks, but has not been adequate for running Windows Vista. Because it was an Intel Atom Dual-Core performance will be improved significantly, so that his ability on a mobile device such as a netbook or a smartphone to be getting better.

Basically Intel Atom Dual-Core is also not much different with Intel Dual-Core. When a new processor is installed on your netbook, so be prepared to enjoy the performance close to a notebook or even desktop PCs. The presence of such dual processor with the power of an Intel Atom Dual-Core with cheap price, of course, be an attraction for consumers to update the netbook .

But if Intel's newest dual-core focus on it, that means that Intel must accept the risk that there will be a price increase Netbook using Intel Atom Dual-Core. From the news , Atom Dual-Core is also equipped with a memory controller and integrated graphics. Will be clocked with a capacity of 1.6GHz and 1MB of cache memory and TDP rating of 8W Boast. As a result, netbook Atom future will be able to play 720p resolution video smoothly.

Despite the small size of single-core version, but Intel claims its latest processor is much more energy efficient.